30th Aug – Storming The Castle 10k

45 runners from Seapark took part in the new ‘Storming The Castle 10k’ race which was run for the first time. The race was developed in partnership with Mid & East Antrim Council and included a Kids Fun Run and family entertainment inside Carrickfergus Castle. The course was selected to best showcase everything that is iconic and beautiful in Carrickfergus. Of the 384 registered, 365 runners took part on the day and as well as the flat, scenic course they were treated to hospitality and entertainment at the FINISH and inside the Castle.

Seaparkers performed well with Ian Cleland coming home as first Seapark male in a time of 38:48. Gillian Cordner was third female overall in a time of 44:53 and Jennie Haggan put in another winning run coming in first Junior female in a time of 52:47.



Ian CLELAND 38:48:00
Brendan RICE 43:23:00
Charlie MCCORMICK 44:00:00
Robert MURRAY 44:22:00
Colin MCCRUM 45:15:00
Ryan WEATHERHEAD 45:46:00
Clive WEATHERHEAD 46:21:00
Gary CONNOLLY 46:36:00
Jonathon BELL 47:09:00
Phil POAG 49:13:00
Robert STEELE 49:31:00
Bobbie IRVINE 49:40:00
Mark WELSH 49:42:00
Allan GRANT 50:56:00
Neill HARPER 51:44:00
Andrew SMYTH 53:49:00
Trevor LAMB 56:06:00
Gareth HAMILL 59:50:00
Colin PEARSON 01:02:37
Michael KANE 01:04:27
Tony BARCLAY 01:05:17


Gillian CORDNER 44:51:00
Alanah Violet MCCOMBE 45:26:00
Lynda SHANNON 48:48:00
Karen POAG 51:02:00
Jennie HAGGAN 52:45:00
Ruth HAWKINS 52:54:00
Aimee WEATHERHEAD 55:10:00
Julie-Anne SMILEY 55:28:00
Roisin MCCONNELL 56:28:00
Beth McCORMICK 56:23:00
Sara JOHNSTON 56:37:00
Lynette MAGILL 56:58:00
Alison WELSH 58:36:00
Julie KELLY 01:02:21
Rebecca TESTER 01:03:47
Emma PEARSON 01:04:51
Geraldine KANE 01:05:14
Jennifer JACKSON 01:08:29
Angela McCORMICK 01:09:49
Julie-Ann MITCHELL 01:10:03
Carol DOWNEY 01:13:11
Susan KANE 01:15:37






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