December 2016 parkrun report

3rd December

Richard Craig listened to my advice in the last parkrun report and gave someone else a chance at being 1st as he came 2nd in the Carrickfergus parkrun on 3rd December.

He was followed by Brendan Rice, Mark Welsh (with a course PB of 20:46), Ben McCaughran, Paul Daniels (with a parkrun PB of 21:27), Janet McCullough, Catherine Steele (with a parkrun PB of 25:56), Allan Grant, Laura Johnston, Karen McIlroy (with a parkrun PB of 27:07), Nikita Murray, Robert Murray, Ruth Hawkins, Alison Welsh, Richard Hetherington, Julie Marshall and Gillian Grant.

Allan Grant ticking another run of the list
Robert Murray pacing Nikita Murray
Richard Hetherington taking it slow for once
Alison Welsh getting in another speed workout for her marathon training
As as Julie Marshall
Ruth ‘Speedy’ Hawkins
And Mark Welsh plodding along

Elsewhere Gary Craig & Ross Gilmore returned to Antrim.

Gary Craig at Antrim

And Derek Kane accompanied Susan Kane to her 1st run at Victoria.

Derek and Susan Kane at Victoria

Plus Colin McCrum attended his 1st run at Armagh, Ann McCracken ran at Ormeau and Ronald Simms went to Wallace.

10th December

The 10th December was another week without a Seaparker in first place at Carrickfergus.  William Jenkins was the first club member over the line.  He was followed by Robert Murray, Jonathan Beattie, Bobbie Irvine, Nicola Irvine, Colin McCrum, Catherine Steele, Simon Trimble, Derek Kane, Richard Hetherington, Susan Kane (with a course PB of 29:25), Julie-Ann Mitchell, Neill Harper, Alison Welsh and Julie Marshall.

Robert ‘Billy Wizz’ Murray
Bobbie and the Waves
Susan Kane PB
Richard Hetherington taking it easy again
Alison Welsh posing for the 2017 ‘This Girl Can’ campaign
Oska looking out for some cake
William Jenkins making sure he’s the top Seaparker this week
Jonathan Beattie and his beard
One of the Bobbie and the Waves groupies
Colin Crum always has time to pose for the camera

Gary Craig and Karen McMaster (with a course PB of 28:54) ran at Antrim.

Gary’s optimistic about the winter weather in NI
Karen McMaster showing of her apricot top at Antrim

While Allan Grant was making sure he reaches his 100th parkrun by years end by attending Falls with both Philip Poag & Karen Poag (1st run at Falls).

Richard Craig, Ian Cleland and Sara Johnston (with a course PB of 24:49) returned to Valley.

Karen Waring obtained a season’s best of 25:14 at Victoria.

And further afield Rebecca Tester attended her 1st parkrun at Oxford.

Becki Tester showing of the Seapark brand

19th December

I don’t know what’s going on but the 17th December was another week with Richard Craig not in first place at Carrickfergus.  He was the first Seaparker to finish and was followed by Ian Cleland, Jonathan Beattie, William Jenkins, Ben McCaughran, Paul Daniels, Andrew Smyth, Laura Johnston, Karen McIlroy (with a parkrun PB of 26:04), Claire Hamilton, Catherine Steele, Karen Bell (with a parkrun PB of 28:55), Lynda Shannon, Neill Harper, Julie Marshall & Susan Kane.

The rest of the 24 NI parkrun group (+ a few others) attended Rostrevor (as some went on to do the B2R race after).  That makes another 7 to complete all 24 NI parkruns this year.  Bobbie Irvine was the first Seaparker to finish.  Gavin Irvine was next, then came Nikita Murray, Colin McCrum, Allan Grant, Nicola Irvine, Julie Kelly, Derek Kane, Rebecca Tester, Glenda Murray and (the only person to do it twice) Geraldine Kane.

The Rostrevor 2 group
Nikita Murray finishing off her 24
Bobbie dosn’t have time to wave this week
Becki Teater getting into the festive spirit

Gary Craig, Philip Poag and Karen Poag (with a course PB of 26:25) went to Antrim.

The Poags car selfie 1

While Ann McCracken ran at Ormeau.

And Richard Hetherington achieved a parkrun/overall PB of 19:15 at the original Bushy parkrun.

Richard was in the hunt for 250 tops at Bushy parkrun

Christmas Eve

The very festive Christmas Eve run was sponsored by Carrickfergus Vineyard Church who supplied lots and lots (and lots) of buns (but no cake) for Allan Grants 100th parkrun.

But seriously peeps, Robert Murray was the first Seaparker to finish and he wasn’t in 1st place.  Tut Tut.  He was followed by Jonathan Beattie, Ben McCaughran, Mark Welsh, Gillian Strudwick, Laura Johnston, Nikita Murray (with a course PB of 26:32), Gavin Irvine, Bobbie Irvine, Lynda Shannon, Catherine Steele, Karen McIlroy, Allan Grant (on his 100th parkrun, finally), Paul Daniels, Alison Welsh, Andrew Smyth, Rebecca Tester, Derek Kane, Neil Harper, Julie-Ann Mitchell, Michael Kane, Trevor Lamb, Nicola Dunlop, Thomas Dunlop, Richard Hetherington, Julie Marshall, Karen Waring, Susan Kane & Glenda Murray.

A not so wise man finishing his 100th parkrun
Mark Welsh is getting in on this jumping thing
Trevor Lamb getting back into the game
One reindeer and his dog
Santa Beattie
Santa Kane
Santa Murray
And Santa Hetherington
Michael Fir
And the Three Wise Men of Carrickfergus

Elsewhere Ian Cleland returned to Valley, Ronald Simms Wallace and Richard Craig Waterworks.

And the Poags (no, not the ones you’re fed up with by Christmas Eve) went to Portobello.

The Poags car selfie 2

Christmas Day

On Christmas Day there was two main local parkruns running.

The bulk of Seapark members went to Valley.  They included Jonathan Beattie (with a course PB of 20:20), Robert Murray (with a course PB of 20:51), Paul Daniels (1st time at Valley), Mark Welsh (with a course PB of 23:06), Clive Weatherhead, Ryan Weatherhead (1st time at Valley), Andrew Smyth (1st time at Valley), Lynda Shannon (1st time at Valley), Nikita Murray (with a course PB of 27:44), Alison Welsh (course PB of 28:10), Aimee Weatherhead (1st time at Valley), Neill Harper (for Oska’s 50th parkrun), Karen Waring, Glenda Murray & Karen McMaster.

Santa McMaster
Jonathan Beattie going for a PB
As is Mark Welsh
And Alison Welsh
Is Andy Smyth testing out the course for his next parkrun challenge?
Aimee Weatherhead’s first time at Valley
Mrs Clause
Oska and his human
Mrs Clause with a volunteer
Santas little helpers Glenda and Nikita Murray
Everyone celebrating Oska’s 50th

Oska’s 50th.

While the no PB club went to Waterworks.  They where Gavin Irvine, Nicola Irvine, Bobbie Irvine & Gary Craig.

The Irvine’s don’t need any PBs today
Nicola is beating Bobbie, it must be Christmas
Gary Craig

While further afield the Poags went to Livingston parkrun.

Livingstone parkrun, I presume

New Years Eve

Ian Cleland was the first Seaparker to cross the line for the last parkrun of 2016.  He was followed William Jenkins, Ben McCaughran (with a parkrun PB of 20:57), Mark Welsh, Gavin Irvine (with a course PB of 23:18), Nicola Irvine, Julie Lyness (with a parkrun PB of 26:01), Catherine Steele, Lynda Shannon, Philip Poag, Allan Grant, Laura Laverty, Karen Waring, Gary Craig, Julie Kelly, Simon Trimble, Julie-Ann Mitchell, Derek Kane, Susan Kane, Trevor Lamb, Michael Kane, Karen Poag, Glenda Murray, Geraldine Kane, Alyn McChesney, Julie Marshall & Alison Welsh.

Yes, I am training for the London Marathon said Glealdine Kane to Glenda Murray
Alyn McChesney
Who’s idea was it to do a parkrun the day after our 1st marathon said Alison Welsh to Julie Marshall
Trevor Lamb
Derek Kane
Gary Craig
Julie Kelly
Gavin Irvine
William Jenkins
Mark ‘no longer the only marathoner in the family’ Welsh
Michael Kane and Karen Poag
Derek ‘I’m going to use this as my profile pic so people think I can beat Ian’ Kane with Ian Cleland
Susan Kane
Philip Poag, Allan Grant and Karen Werimg
Some very happy runners
Julie Lyness
And the two marathon girls who don’t understand the concept of a rest day

Elsewhere Richard Craig took 1st place at Antrim (with a course PB 17:51).  Also in attendance where Ronald Simms (course PB 19:33) and Heather Haggan (1st run at Antrim) + Karen McMaster returned to Ormeau, Richard Hetherington Portrush and Rebecca Tester achieved a course PB 29:12 at Valley.

Race to 100

Karen McMaster (AKA Team Chair) finished her 100th parkrun on 15/10/16.
Glenda Murray (AKA Team Devious) finished her 100th parkrun on 29/10/16.
Trevor Lamb (AKA Team Wolf) finished his 100th parkrun on 29/10/16.
Allan Grant (AKA Team Barcode) finished his 100th parkrun on 24/12/16.

Official hashtag #Raceto100.

Seapark charity parkrun challenge

Everyone has now finished the original 22 (and Rostrevor) NI parkruns. Though someone still has to finish Omagh (the 23).

Derek Kane
Completed 02/07/16 and 1st Male Winner.

Glenda Murray
Completed 02/07/16 and 1st Female Winner.

Bobbie Irvine, Nicola Irvine, Robert Murray and Alan Poag all completed their 22nd parkrun on 13/08/16, Karen Waring completed her 22nd parkrun on 03/09/16, Trevor Lamb and Rebecca Tester completed their 22nd one on 17/09/16, Allan Grant completed his on 24/09/16, Alison Welsh completed hers on 01/10/16, Nikita Murray completed hers on 08/10/16, Michael Kane finished his last one on 05/11/16 + Julie Kelly & Geraldine Kane finished theirs on 19/11/16.

The two charities are Brainwaves NI and Macmillian Cancer Support. Remember that if each of the two charities reaches the £2500 target then Michael Kane and Trevor Lamb will get their legs waxed and then run a 10K with nice waxed legs.  You know that the suffering of others will make you feel better so dig deep.


Official hashtag #AllNIparkruns2016.

Andy’s parkrun challenge 2016

Andy’s parkrun challenge ended on 29th October and the winners where announced at the prize giving dinner on 26th November.

25-29 winners
Ian Cleland & Sara Johnston.

30-34 winner
Simon Trimble.

It appears we don’t have any 30-34 females in Seapark as they are all insisting that they are still only 29.

35-39 winners
Jonathan Beattie & Alison Welsh.

40-44 winners
Trevor Lamb & Gillian Strudwick.

45-49 winners
Charlie McCormick & Karen Waring.

Bobbie Irvine.

No female 50+ winner because if there were it would only have been Bobbie in a skirt.

Everyone had to do Carrickfergus, Larne and one other + volunteer at Carrickergus at least once.

For their third parkrun choice Ian & Sara did Waterworks, Charlie & Jonathan did Valley, Bobbie Cookstown, Gillian Queens, Karen Limavady, Alison Craigavon, Trevor Princes, Liverpool and Simon Amager Felled, Copenhagen.

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