22nd Aug – Dambusters Half Marathon

Gillian Strudwick can’t hide her happiness crossing the line at today’s Dambusters Half Marathon. This is the final event in the Pure Running Half Marathon series 2015 and Gillian is pictured here completing 10 out of 10.

Dambusters Gillian Half No 10 out of 10



Peter     Rusk                    01:30:41

Bobbie  Irvine                   01:35:27

Jonathan Beattie              01:38:11

Robert  Murray M            01:44:25

Gillian    Cordner             01:46:07

Jonathon Bell                  01:52:39

Gillian    Strudwick          01:58:22

Mark     Welsh                  02:00:05

Charlie  McCormick         02:00:18

Angela  McCormick         02:00:18

Neill       Harper              02:05:49

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