Race report for November 2016

On Saturday 5th November Gillian Barnhill and Gary Connolly travelled to Galway for the MCI Ballinasloe (bit more than a) marathon.  They both finished the 27.4 mile course in 4:23 with Gillian being 2nd lady home.

Saturday 5th also saw the first 2016 Born2Run Forest Series event at Minnowburn, Belfast.  This year they have included a 5K course as well as the 10K course.

In the 5K Lorna Dunn finished with 29.14.

10K Results; Phil Mone 48:29, Rosemary Hay 54:22, Colin McCrum 57:10, Simon Trimble 59:52 (course PB) and Rebecca Tester 1:04:50.

On Sunday 6th November a number of Seaparkers took part in the Decathlon 10K in Belfast (unofficial times only as not a chip-timed race).

First home for Seapark was Ian Cleland in a time of 38:30.

Ian ‘race face’ Cleland

Others taking part included Jim Jenkins 40:25, Phil Poag 49:53, Karen Poag 51:46, Jonny Bell 46:26, Shelley Bell 54:51 PB, Jennifer Jackson 55:51, Sarah Rea 55:51, Karen McIlroy 57:31 PB, Carol Seymour 1:06:25 and Lorraine Ogilby 1:11:00.

The runner’s runner is walking for a bit
The Jonny wave
Jim Jenkins was the first Seaparker to finish
Synchronised pair 1
Synchronised pair 2

A number of Seaparkers attended the Tollymore Trail Marathon on 12th November.

Marathon Results; Gary Connolly 4:55:30 and Gillian Barnhill 4:55:26.

Gary and Gillian
Synchronised pair 3

Half Marathon Results; Neill Harper 2:24:34, Karen Waring 2:24:43, Karen Hanson 2:27:04, Becki Tester 2:29:33 and Josephine McAlister 2:40:56.

The Tollymore Half group
Becki’s too lazy to do a Becki jump
Synchronised pair 4.1
Synchronised pair 4.2
But not for long

On 12-13th November Mark Welsh and Alison Welsh took part in the Las Vegas Rock N Roll 5K and Half Marathon.  Mark ran the 5K in 22:47 and the Half Marathon in 2:22.  Alison Welsh ran the 5K in 30:02 and the Half Marathon in 2:22.

Pre race selfie
Vegas Baby

On 16th November Simon Trimble took part in the 10K Run in the Dark at Stormont, finishing in 61:39.

Also on 16th November Gillian Barnhill ran the East of Ireland (EOI) Marathon in Clontarf.  She was the 1st lady home with a time of 4:15:30.

Gillian with her medal
Gillian action shot

On Saturday 19th Gillian Barnhill and Gary Connolly ran the EOI Marathon in Balbriggan; both finished in 4:47.

Also on 19th Seapark attended the Drum Manor 10K Born to Run Forest Race.

Results; Colin McCrum 54:13, Patrick Hughes 55:37, Rebecca Tester 1:04:13 and Simon Trimble 1:05:41.

Colin ‘If I actually had Facebook and saw these photos I probably would stop pulling faces’ McCrum
Simon Trimble

Sunday 20th November saw Jonathan Beattie taking part in NI Duathlon 4 Mile race and Belfast 5K Tandems.  His 5K time was 20:03.

On Saturday 26th November five Seapark members took park in the Seeley Cup 10K.  Jim Jenkins finished with a time of 39:12 & was followed by Richard Heatherington 40:47 PB, Andy Smyth 51:53, Thomas Dunlop 51:56 and Nicola Dunlop 64:07.

The Seeley Cup group

That wasn’t good enough for Bobbie Irvine as he attended the latest Last Man Standing warmup event at Castle Ward that day.  No results given as it was a non-competitive 5 loop, 21 mile course.

Bobbie with a few others who all appear to be standing

On Sunday 27th November at the EAMS Half Marathon the following members took part; Gary Connolly 1:52:54, Heather Haggan 1:59:01, Nicola Irvine 2:04:39 PB, Jacqui Coghlan 2:06:28, Julie Marshall 2:06:38, Julie Clyde 2:07:38, Catherine Steel 2:11:14 PB, Julie Lyness 2:14:18 PB, Julie Kelly (completing her first half) 2:16:05, Gemma McCullough 2:33:00 and Marie Nicholson 2:33:00.

Gillian Barnhill ran the EAMS Marathon in 4:17:48.

The EAMS group

And last but not least Paul Daniels completed the CCAR 2 – Adventure Race in Portglenone.   He was 4th place overall with a score of 2150 in a time of 4:48.

Paul Daniels


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