17th Oct – GR8 Dundrum

Once again a large party of runners from Seapark attended the popular GR8 Dundrum race run by Murlough AC. More than 800 runners descended on the village of Dundrum in fine weather for this 6th year of the event. The multi terrain route remains a firm favourite with Seapark runners and improvements on last year’s times for many of the runners today. Ian Clelland was first home for the men in a time of 51:32 and Gillian Cordner¬†was first home for the ladies in a time of 61:58.¬†Dundrum group

Results – Male

Ian Cleland 51:32
Charlie McCormick 55:14
Bobbie Irvine 57:36
Mark Welsh 61:35
Colin McCrum 61:55
Gary Connolly 62:51
Phil Poag 68:52
Neill Harper 70:08
Allan Grant 71:54
Trevor Lamb 76:22
Philip Magill 79:15
Tony Barclay 99:24


Results – Female

Gillian Cordner 61:58
Caroline Salters 62:50
Gillian Strudwick 68:36
Qin Ni 68:40
Karen Poag 72:17
Ruth Hawkins 73:11
Angela McCormick 73:45
Lynette Magill 75:46
Alison Welsh 79:28
Marie Nicholson 79:59
Ann McCracken 81:53
Rebecca Tester 83:04
Sara Johnston 87:04
Karen McMaster 89:06

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