12th April – Titanic 10k

Titanic - Ian finish



Titanic - Group2

On Sunday almost 1200 runners took part in the Titanic 10k race in Belfast. This event was well attended by athletes from Seapark, with many gaining personal best times on the course. Ian Cleland ran a particularly strong race with a superb time of 37.46. Results: Ian Cleland 37.46, Jonathan Beattie 40.11, Mark Welsh 46.25, Neill Harper 50.23, Angela McCormick 50.28, Philip Poag 50.41, Karen Poag 52.14, Andy Smyth 52.25, Alison Welsh 55.51, Ann McCracken 58.09, Karen  McMaster 1.04 Geraldine Kane 1.10.


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